Welcome Back!


Hello and welcome back to a new school year!  I hate to say that I have neglected my blog for quite some time.  I am back now and hope to frequent it more regularly now that I have my head above water!  The school year has gotten off to a great start!  I am already in classrooms and working on projects!  I am also still installing software, setting up new equipment and getting things working too!  It is all part of the bigger picture, meaningful instruction, and I am glad to be a part of it.  Things seem to be going very smoothly this year, however.  A big thanks to all of the technicians who work hard over the summer and at the start of the year to make our technology work for us without making us crazy!  I am looking forward to the technology trainings scheduled at all three of my schools.  I have enjoyed the ones I have done already and think they have been very productive.  Please remember that my door is always open . . . even if it is closed! I look forward to working with you this year!

Things to Ponder – Can You Blog Too?


I would like to share some of the uses of blogs for you to ponder during all of your free time.  Think of how you can use this tool in your class and let’s set up a time to talk about it . . .even if it is next year! 

There are many ways you can use an edublog in your teaching, here are seven to get you started: (They were taken from the edublogs.com site.) 

1. Post materials and resources

The web is a fantastic tool when it comes to distributing resources – all you have to do on your Edublog is upload, or copy and paste, your materials to your blog and they’ll be instantly accessible by your student from school and from home. What’s more, you can easily manage who gets to access them through password and plugin safety measures.

2. Host online discussions

If you’ve ever struggled to create an online discussion space – you’re going to love what edublogs will do for you.   You can easily manage and edit all responses through your blog’s administrative panel.

3. Create a class publication

Do you remember the good old days of class newspapers? Well, they just got a lot easier with your Edublog – you can add students as contributors, authors and even editors in order to produce a custom designed, finely tuned and engaging collaborative online publication by your class.

4. Replace your newsletter

Always enjoyed photocopying and stapling pages and pages of newsletters on a Friday afternoon? Thought not! It’s ridiculously simple to post class information, news, events and more on your edublog

5. Get your students blogging

It’s all very good sending your students off to blog sites, or even creating them for them, but you need to operate as a hub for their work and a place where they can easily visit each others blogs from.

6. Share your lesson plans

We all love planning and admin, right? Well, using an Edublog can turn planning and reflection on classes into a genuinely productive – and even collaborative – experience. Sharing your plans, your reflections, your ideas and your fears with other educators both at your school and around the world using an edublog is a great way to develop as a teacher, and a brilliant use of a blog.

7. Integrate multimedia of all descriptions

With a couple of clicks you can embed online video, multimedia presentations, slideshows and more into your edublog and mix it up with your text and static resources. No cds required, no coding necessary – just select the video, podcasts or slidecast you’d like to use and whack it in your blog to illustrate, engage and improve your teaching toolbox.

In So Many Ways


I think the reason we become teachers is to make a difference in the world. I am writing this after a difficult week.  Just thought I would put my thoughts out there.  Nothing profound . . . only thoughts. 

In so many ways I want to make a difference in my schools and in my students.  In so many ways I want my schools and my students to make a difference in me.  In so many ways I want to be a change agent.  In so many ways I want to make myself open to being changed.  In so many ways I want to be a beacon of light for others to find their way.  In so many ways I want to find a light to follow.  In so many ways I want to see hope in the eyes of those around me.  In so many ways I want others to see the hope in my eyes.  In so many ways I want to welcome the darkness in order to appreciate the light.  In so many ways I want the light to take away the darkness.  In so many ways I want my cake and want to eat it too?  Isn’t that what cake is for?  Why does it have to be so complicated?


marvin-the-martian1.jpg I DID NOT RESIST TOO MUCH!

 After much deliberation and some encouragement from Lil KK , I have finally set up by first ever blog!  I am excited about the possibilities of blogging, but also see how I may neglect my blog site when things get rather hectic in my life . . . as they often do.  Anyway . . . here is my attempt at having some meaningful and fun conversations with my colleagues and friends.